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North Pole: ski the Last degree (111 km ski expedition).

The North Pole is the northernmost point on Earth, lying diametrically opposite the South Pole. It defines geodetic latitude 90° North, as well as the direction of True North. At the North Pole all directions point south; all lines of longitude converge there, so its longitude can be defined as any degree value. While the South Pole lies on a continental land mass, the North Pole is located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean amidst waters that are ...
13 days
Group: 1-10
30 990 USD
Deposit: 6 198 USD
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Day 1
Arrival to Murmansk, Russia. Meeting at the Murmashi airport and transfer to your independently booked hotel in Murmansk. Free time in the city. Meeting with guide, check-out your individual and group gear, general instruction. Introductory dinner. Overnight at hotel Introductory dinner. Overnight at the guesthouse.
Day 2
Information meeting, where our staff will brief you on the situation at the Barneo region, planned departure time and answer your questions. Packing the expedition sledges. Overnight at hotel.
Day 3
Transfer to the airport for the flight to Franz Josef Land (technical stop over) and to Barneo Ice Camp by our AN-74 (approximate flight time 2 hours 30 minutes each segment). Arrival to Barneo, which is about 89 degrees north latitude. Lunch in Barneo mess-tent. Pitching the expedition camp at Barneo site. Overnight at the expedition tents (1 tent accommodates 2 persons).
Days 4-13
Ski trek to the North Pole, overnight sleeping in the expedition tents on the drifting ice. The start point will be decided in dependence on the ice conditions.
Day 14
On the arrival at the top of the globe we will celebrate it, and you can make a short phone call to your friends or relatives via satellite phone. We will spend a few hours nearby the Pole before helicopter takes us back to Barneo Ice Camp. Dinner in the Barneo mess-tent. Flight from Barneo to Longyearbyen on the AN-74 aircraft (approx. flight duration 2 h 30 min). Transfer to your hotel. Night at the hotel
Day 15
The North Pole Certificate ceremony. Time and place are to be discussed with expedition participants and announced in advance. Night at the hotel.
Day 16
Free time. Transfer to the airport for your flight home.
Date Price Group
August 01 - August 13, 2021
30 990 USD
July 10 - July 22, 2022
30 990 USD
July 21 - August 02, 2022
30 990 USD
Date Price Group
August 01 - August 13, 2021
30 990 USD
July 10 - July 22, 2022
30 990 USD
July 21 - August 02, 2022
30 990 USD
Price includes

• Meeting at the Murmansk airport
• 2 transfers airport-hotel-airport
• Introductory dinner in Murmansk
• Aircraft flights Franz Josef Land - Barneo – Franz Josef Land (baggage 40 kg)
• Helicopter flights according the programme
• Accommodation in the heated tents at Barneo and full catering at Barneo Camp before departure to Murmansk (in case the group completed expedition before the time)
• Using Barneo facilities
• Full catering at Barneo Ice Camp and on the trek
• Rent of the safety equipment (communication, navigation aid, weapon)
• Rent of the skis with binding and ski poles
• Rent of the cargo sledge and tent
• Rent of the other group gear
• Stove fuel
• Certificate of the North Pole visit
• Festive ceremony at Murmansk
• Guides service

Price does not include
  • Airtickets to Murmansk and back
  • Flights Murmask – Franz Josef Land – Murmansk (990 Euro per person)
    Accommodation in Murmansk
    Catering in Murmansk
    Transfers in Murmansk (excl. airport-hotel-airport for travel home and hotel-airport-hotel for travel to the North Pole)
    • Activities in Murmansk
    • Alcohol drinks
    Insurance against full or partial cancellation of the expedition, luggage insurance, life insurance (strongly recommended)
    All the unforeseen costs related to the flights delays
    • Souvenirs and postal expenses
    • Overweight luggage - 25 Euro/kilo

Trip overview

Murmansk (Russia) - Franz Josef Land (technical stop over) - Barneo Ice Camp - North Pole - Barneo Ice Camp - Franz Josef Land (technical stop over) - Murmansk (Russia)

Experience skiing expeditions in the midnight sun to the Geographical North Pole. These are the very rewarding tours for those who can accept camping in tents and appreciate wilderness. In April the climate is at its best with temperatures ranging from -30oC to -20oC. With an aircraft we will bring you from Spitsbergen to the Ice Camp situated at the latitude approx. 89 grad. North. Well-trained skiers will walk to the Pole with skis and pulks pushing through the pressure ridges, crossing the frozen leads and experience the feelings of the real Arctic explorers. The starting point for them will be chosen in accordance with weather and ice condition to guarantee the arrival to the North Pole on the appointed day. For ski fans, who prefer to spend a night in a warm place we suggest ski tours in the vicinity of the Ice Camp during the day and rest at night in the heated tents of the Ice Camp. They also have a great chance to witness a rich activity of the camp, share the camp with world-class skydivers, scuba divers or Arctic explorers. They will fly to the Pole with a helicopter. On the Pole all parties will have a celebration and contemplate the exploits of those who succeeded or failed to reach the place on the Earth where all meridians unite. From the Pole a helicopter and a plane will bring the travelers back to the civilized world.


Good advice

Ski expedition to the North Pole - is a complex mission that demands a good physical and psychological preparation. It is always better to enjoy the trek than to suffer of it. In order to estimate your abilities and prepare yourself better, you ought to know what to expect.

Physical exercises:
You are going to walk on skis or afoot (depending on the ice conditions) for 8-10 hours daily for 6-8 days. Besides, you have to pull 30-40 kg expedition sledge with equipment, fuel, and food. The ice surface is mostly rugged, making smooth and comfortable sliding pretty unlikely.

Consult your doctor before making up a decision about expedition to the North Pole.
Previous experience of the tours, ascents, expeditions and winter camping could prove very useful.
Doing various winter sports would be very helpful.


Changes and amendments may apply to the programme, depending on the weather, ice or other conditions. It is important to consider possible delays or alterations, and take them with patience. We strongly recommend you to acquire insurance against full or partial cancellation of the expedition.

Important: Each expedition to the North Pole is the ultimate adventure full of random factors. Though we are making all possible efforts to accomplish every expedition, 7 Summits Club reserves the rights to change or cancel an itinerary due to weather and / or ice conditions, group fitness, political situation, strikes, wars, revolutions, terrorism and / or other factors beyond its control. Such changes are to be made in our customers’ interests and with regards to their safety. 


Tips guidelines (important information!)
You entrust your life, health, your time and money to the guides. And the guides take this responsibility for you and for the success of the whole trip. They are doing this 24 hours. 10-20 USD per day is expected as the normal amount of tips for the Guides and the staff of the program. If you liked everything about the trip, please don't forget to thank them. You can give the tips directly to the Main Guide and he will distribute it among the staff.
By air and by land
Aircraft flights Murmansk – Franz Josef Land (technical stop over) - Barneo – Franz Josef Land (technical stop over) - Murmansk(AN-24 airplane)
Helicopter flights according to the programme (MI-8)
In Arctica we stay in good tents – 2-3 pax in a tent
We get up at about 7 o`clock in the morning. Start the stove. When the stove is on we start melting the snow to get water. If you were smart, you had reserved some hot water in a termos to start the process of water making.
As soon as the water is hot we make oat meal with milk, butter and some fruit.
A cup of coffe or tee will make you completely awaiken. You still have time to enjoy biscuits and cheese or salami in a warm tent. But remember that at 9 o`clock you must be ready to go out of the tent.
Breakfast 264g 1279 kcal:
- muesli ( oat meal ) 80g 317 kcal
- sugar 20g 70 kcal
- butter 30g 220 kcal
- milk powder 30g 147 kcal
- salami/ speck 50g 360 kcal
- biscuits / bread 50g 165 kcal
- tea or Coffee 4g

Lunch Pack 340g 2,010 kcal
Almost every two hours we make a break in our skiing routine. During these 15 minutes breakes you can dring and eat sweet energetic things.
- mixed nuts and fruit 110g 715 kcal
- chocolate 150g 825 kcal
- energetic drink 30g 200 kcal
- cheese ( 50% ) 50g 270 kcal

Dinner 394g 2,115 kcal
Dinner is the main meal of the day.
- dry soup 40g 185 kcal
- mushed potatoes/rice 100g 330 kcal
- olive oil 40g 360 kcal
- bacon 100g 750 kcal
- biscuit / bread 50g 165 kcal
- butter 30g 220 kcal
- herb tea ( bags ) 4g
- sugar 30g 105 kcal
- spices 4g
The personnel consists of the professional scientists and polar explorers - acting as logistics supervisors, lead guides and creators of the programs.
Health and medical insurance
Every group must have a first-aid kit.
Every participant must have insurance with 50 000 euro coverage.
The air temperature in the Pole vicinity during the expedition period lies usually between -20 C° and -35 C° and it is good if you have endured it in the past. Apart that wind may dramatically increase cooling effect. Daily temperature deviations in the Arctic are not significant in April. Sun neither sets nor rises high over the horizon.
Personal gear
You should bring your own:
Plastic mug with press-on cap : 1
Strong plastic spoon:1
Plastic bowl of 2-3 cups capacity:1
1 L stainless steel thermos:1
Knife :1
Carabiners : 2 standard
Sunglasses or goggles 100% UV & IR :1
Sun cream: SPF 40 large tube
Hygienic lipstick: SPF 40, at least 2 pieces
Personal medical kit: medicine, you normally take, along with aspirin, plaster, bandage, etc.
Personal hygienic kit incl. toilet paper, toothbrush, etc.
Wide-mouthed plastic bottle for using as an urinal in the night: 1
Large bag or rucksack for your gear: 1 or 2
Casual look garment for civilized places
Thin underwear made of Polycolon: 2 sets
Expedition thermal underwear made of Power Stretch: 1 set
Polartec 200 jacket and trousers: 1 set
Storm shell jacket and pants: 1 set
Warm coat and trousers with Thinsulate insulation: 1 set
Light hat with Windstopper membrane: 1
Hat for sleeping: 1
Windstopper pile hat: 1
Polycolon balaclava: 1
Thick expedition socks: 2 pairs
Expedition footwear: 1 pair
Thinsulate shoes for using in tent: 1 pair
Expedition mittens: 1 pair
Thinsulate mittens: 1 pair
WindPro gloves: 1 pair
Individual sleeping bag liner: 1
40 L backpack: 1
6 mm rope: 10 m

Free rented:
Expedition tent: 1 for two persons
Ski with binding: 1 pair
Ski poles: 1 pair
Cargo sledge: 1
Expedition class (-30 C°) sleeping bag
Sleeping mats 40 mm
Cooking stove with fuel, cooking utensils
Litter bags

Other useful things you might bring:

Chemical hand- and foot-warmer bags
Neoprene face mask
Compression stuff bags
Photo and video equipment
Additional information
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